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For over 50 years we have been synonymous with excellent service and using the latest technology to innovate in the diagnosis and treatment of patients across the island.

We are known for:

Meticulous Planning
Completion On Time
Perfect Execution
Affordable Prices

Our specialization

We work with varying types of pathology and we are surely able to meet your needs, and those of your patients.


· Conventional cervical cytology. Pap Smear
· Liquid based cervical cytology, Thin Prep/Surepath
· Automated slide revision: Focal Point Slide Profiler & Thin Prep Imaging System
· Cervical histopathology
· Endometrial histopathology
· Bacteriological cultures
· Chlamydia & Gonorrhea cultures
· Herpes Simplex cultures
· Fungal cultures
· Fetal Fibronectin
· Ultra Screen


· Transrectal prostate biopsy histopathology
· Bladder histopathology


· In tissue H. Pylori immunohistochemistry


· Fungal cultures
· Fungal staining: “Potassium Hydroxyde”(KOH)
· Special staining biopsies: ie. Gomori Groccott, Periodic Acid Schiff among others
· Histopatologic processing of bone and tissue biopsy


· Histopatologic processing of surgial biopsies
· Histopatologic processing of intraoperative biopsy
· Histopatologic processing of amputation and disarticulation

Molecular Pathology

· Chlamydia Trachomatis & Neisseria Gonorrhoeae identification
· Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) typification
· In tissue Human Papilloma Virus immunohistochemistry

Molecular Markers:
· PDL-1
· P 16
· Helicobacter pylori
· Others

Ophtalmic Pathology

· Autologous Serum Eye Drops


· Sub-Specialized Dermatopathologist
· Biopsy
· Clicnical Consultation

AI Assisted Diagnosis

· AI assisted diagnosis using Paige AI.

at a glance...

By merging multiple pathological and clinical results of the same patient in the same page you can have all the information you need at a simple glance.

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